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Business Model

Plan, explore, appraise, develop, exploit, optimize, monetize

United Hydrocarbon is a private junior exploration company with all of our assets located in Chad Africa.  Our business model is based on a proven, full cycle oil and gas business cycle incorporating fiscal & socially responsible operations combined with strong technical and financial acumen to identify, select and deliver the best possible results

  • United Hydrocarbon’s business model creates shareholder value through the finding, development and exploitation of hydrocarbon resources
  • Execution of our model is underpinned by a strong team of management and technical oil & gas professionals with the right industry and region specific experience to successfully execute on our business model and generate shareholder value
  • As projects are monetized revenue will be reinvested into the planning, exploration, appraisal and development stages in order to generate an exceptional rate of return for our shareholders
  • United holds firmly to the principles of this proven model as it has created shareholder value in the past and will continue to do so into the future.

Corporate Strategy & Vision

Our corporate strategy is to further advance the exploration and development of our oil and gas leases which are optimally located in the heart of Chad’s producing oil industry and the highly prospective Central African Rift System in Chad.  United’s focus is to raise shareholder value through a robust process of planning, exploration, appraisal and development activities with the intent of expanding the current oil resource base while exercising the most economic means available to bring production opportunities to market through:

  • Staged capital deployment to establish low cost production through maximized use of our existing assets
  • Exploitation of the existing asset base through robust planning and execution to ensure efficient and cost effective hydrocarbon recovery
  • Pursuit of phased projects that are accretive to the next stages of project development while allowing for the continual de-risking of the asset base thereby creating value

Our History

  • Incorporated in September 2011, United Hydrocarbon through its wholly owned subsidiary ‘United Hydrocarbon Chad Ltd., entered into a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with the Government of Chad on May 02, 2012 and obtained exclusive rights to explore and develop oil and gas resources on the four blocks encompassed by the PSC.  The total area covered by the PSC is approximately 5.3 million acres (21,349 km2)
  • In January of 2014 United commenced drilling in the Doba Basin with a focus on the Belanga discovery.  In total United has four oil discoveries in the Doba Basin
  • In January of 2015 United suspended drilling operations due to the collapse in world oil prices and industry instability; since that time United has focused on streamlining operations, conserving capital and developing short term production strategies and plans

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors oversees the management of United Hydrocarbon’s business, to ensure long-term success, with a view to maximize shareholder value and ensure ethical and legal corporate conduct via an appropriate system of corporate governance and internal control.

Management Team

Our Management Team brings together a wide range of industry experience and technical background combined with a proven track record of success leading independent oil and gas, exploration and production companies in Africa to the new levels of growth.


Our Management Team and Board of Directors work together to provide robust corporate governance and a measured approach to risk management

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