• 4 Discoveries made in the Doba Basin
  • Multiple Production Ready Wells Drilled
  • Seismic-Interpretation Analysis completed in 2016
  • Revised Reserves Report Completed in 2016
  • Drill Ready Exploration Prospects Identified
  • Existing Company & Regional Pipeline Infrastructure

BLOCK H - World Class Resource

  • Multiple independent resource reports all yield company maker resources in excess of 1 Billion BoE
  • Success of adjacent Agadem discoveries in Niger proves basin potential and resource base
  • Further work on the basin coupled with 3D Seismic and exploration drilling can materially add to resource and reserve numbers
  • Basin yields World Class Resource Volumes for onshore assets

BLOCK-H - Exploration Potential

  • Seismic re-interpretation completed in 2016
  • Over 380 Exploration Leads identified
  • Existing discoveries combined with current rift basin knowledge and understanding result in un-parralled development potential
  • Leads and prospects yield material exploration opportunities

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Established Oil & Gas Industry

  • Diverse international base of Operating Oil Producers
  • Strong local service industry servicing the oil industry
  • Existing crude oil export pipeline and capacity provides external market access

Successful Production History

  • An oil exporting nation since July 2003
  • 500+ MMBOE produced to date from Chad
  • Currently 3 E&P’s producing from ~10-12 active oilfields


  • Modern & Transparent Oil & Gas Industry Ministry
  • Economically Favorable Production Sharing Contracts

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